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Learn how Compassionate Communication can support you to enhance your life experience


What is Compassionate Communication?

Compassionate Communication is a heart-centred way of communicating in which the aim is to enhance life for everyone. To enhance connection and belonging.

As the aim is to get everyone’s needs met, it also teaches us how to have and maintain healthy boundaries, and to become unattached to the ‘how’.

As Brené Brown says, ‘It’s how we remain wild hearted’.


These are 2 hour introductory sessions to the technique, that aims to give participants a basic understanding of the concepts and how to apply them. Interactive elements ensure everyone gets a ‘go’ at trying out this new technique.

For deep embedding of this learning, further 1:1 coaching support is available. 

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Masterclasses available online, in person, in groups and in workplaces.

Join an online Masterclass in 2023

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Book a Masterclass for delivery in your workplace/group/setting

Training Days

Taking place in workplaces, these are 5 hour training days that take participants of management level deeply into the technique of Compassionate Communication.

Full participant interaction throughout the day ensures the learning is embedded, and participants leave feeling confident to implement this new way of communicating.

For ongoing support 1:1 caching is available as an add on.


I’m available for podcast guest bookings, training and as a speaker for wellbeing themed events.
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