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The Complete Training Package

This is the package to support your organisation in embedding a shared language and communication style. It might well be a complete culture change for you – and it’ll be one that enhances life for everyone.

Masterclass series and 1:1 coaching

• Maximum 20 participants
• 3 x 2 hour masterclasses
• 3 x 30 min 1:1 coaching session per participant


What is Compassionate Communication?

Compassionate Communication is essentially a tool to equip everyone with the understanding and knowledge of how to identify their feelings and needs, and make a request to fulfil those needs, so that life is enhanced for everyone. To enhance connection and belonging.

It also, importantly, touches on how to make an observation about a situation, and how to bring people with you through the conversation, without causing people to become defensive and shut down.

It’s a real practical HOW TO for knowing and holding boundaries, reducing interpersonal tension and stress, overcoming conflict and having the difficult conversations. In this way it’s also a powerful management tool.

You can find out more information about Compassionate Communication on the various blogs I’ve written about it.

For those looking to enhance communication and interpersonal relationships between colleagues, I’d highly recommend the Compassionate Communication Masterclass.

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What is Stress Reduction?

Stress Reduction is all about completing stress cycles so that we feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally.,

This workshop covers the difference between stressor and stress (and why this is so important), as well as explaining the need to complete stress cycles to reduce stress levels within the body, and a practical ‘how to’ element of the workshop for stress-cycle completion.

The Stress Reduction and the Compassionate Communication Masterclasses work really well together, as knowing how to identify your needs and ask for help in fulfilling them can be a crucial part of stress-cycle completion, reducing the feelings of stress, and even eliminating the stressor (the thing causing the stress).

For those looking to give their employees an understanding of stress, what it is and how to reduce it’s effects, the Stress Reduction Masterclass is a must.

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What is Whole Person Wellbeing?

Whole person wellbeing is about taking an holistic approach to wellbeing – looking at all aspects of a person’s mental, emotional and physical health, as well as their environment, and understanding how impacting one area of a person’s life can impact all areas.

This is a practical, take-part session, that combines a very small amount of theory and talking with predominantly practical HOW TO activities for feeling better mentally and physically.

The masterclass covers 6 specific and different activities of self-massage, meditation and movement; 2 for musculoskeletal/physical wellbeing and 4 for mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing.

For those wishing to teach employees practical ways to deal with the 2 greatest causes of workplace illness and absence; stress, anxiety and depression and Musculoskeletal issues, the Whole-Person Wellbeing Masterclass is for you!

Individual Masterclasses

These are 2 hour introductory sessions to the subjects, that aims to give participants a basic understanding of the concepts and how to apply them. Interactive elements ensure everyone gets a ‘go’ at trying out new techniques and strategies.

• Compassionate Communication (max. 20 participants, £600)
• Stress Reduction (max. 20 participants, £600)
• Whole Person Wellbeing (max. 20 participants, £600)

For deep embedding of this new learning, 1:1 coaching support is available

1:1 coaching

For relationships, managers, leadership, self-understanding, career development, fulfilment, purpose, embedded learning.

  • Minimum 6 sessions
  •  From £900 for 6 sessions

Management Training Days

Taking place in workplaces, these are 5 hour training days that take participants of management level more deeply into the learning, techniques and strategies of the Compassionate Communication, Stress Reduction and Whole Person wellbeing Masterclasses.

Full participant interaction throughout the day ensures the learning is embedded, and participants leave feeling confident to implement this new way of communicating and new techniques.

• Compassionate Communication Management Training Day (max. 10 participants, £1000)
• Stress Reduction and Wellbeing Management Training Day (max. 10 participants, £1000)

See this blog for more information about how the Compassionate Communication Training Day works, and the outcomes available.


I’m available for podcast guest bookings, training and as a speaker for wellbeing themed events.
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