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Wellbeing in the Workplace

The importance of wellbeing for an enjoyable and fulfilling life has become increasingly spoken about and acknowledged over the past decade or so. And as most people still spend most of their time at work, the spotlight has been turned in recent years on workplace wellbeing. So, what is wellbeing, and how exactly can employers help?

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing, in my opinion at least, is more than just an absence of illness or pain; it’s a thriving and enjoyment of life and being alive. It’s holistic in it’s approach, taking into account the physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual life experiences of an individual.

And as individuals come together to make up workplaces, communities and nations, the wellbeing of these larger groups of people are directly impacted by the wellbeing of each individual within them.

So for the sustainable, long-term wellbeing of larger groups of people, like workplaces, it is important to check in with, and support, the wellbeing of the individuals making up those communities.

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How can an employer enhance employee wellbeing?

As an holistic therapist, I’m dedicated to delivering work that enhances wellbeing. I offer three different 2 hour Masterclass options for employers wishing to address and support their employees with wellbeing within the workplace.

For those looking to enhance communication and interpersonal relationships between colleagues, I’d highly recommend the Compassionate Communication Masterclass.

For those looking to give their employees an understanding of stress, what it is and how to reduce it’s effects, the Stress Reduction Masterclass is a must.

And for those wishing to teach employees practical ways to deal with the 2 greatest causes of workplace illness and absence; stress, anxiety and depression and Musculoskeletal issues, the Whole-Person Wellbeing Masterclass is for you!

Why are these the topics for the wellbeing masterclasses?

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While it’d be lovely to think that workplaces are concerned with improving their employees wellbeing out of compassion for their people alone, more often, the honest truth is that the bottom line drives the indicators of success for most businesses.

And what hurts the bottom line more than anything else is employee illness and absence from work.

So it’s important to state that the 2 top reasons for workplace illness and absence have consistently been ‘Stress, Anxiety and Depression’ and ‘Musculoskeletal’ reasons for at least the past 6 years or so.

And a significant amount of the workplace ‘stress, anxiety and depression’ is actually caused by the interpersonal relationships people have with their work colleagues.

So, having training in HOW to communicate in effective and life enhancing ways for everyone, can be a huge part of solving this problem. Hence the Compassionate Communication Masterclass.

Knowing what stress is and HOW to reduce it is also massively important. Hence the Stress Reduction Masterclass.

Having an understanding of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the intrinsic link between the mindbody, and learning some practical activities for HOW to support it for optimal functioning, can support employees in minimising the impact of work-related activities on their physical and mental wellbeing. Hence the Whole-Person Wellbeing Masterclass.

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Masterclasses in more detail

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1) Compassionate Communication Masterclass for anyone in the organisation

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop on Compassionate Communication that can be delivered to a maximum of 20 people at once, and costs £600. 

Compassionate Communication is essentially a tool to equip everyone with the understanding and knowledge of how to identify their feelings and needs, and make a request to fulfil those needs, so that life is enhanced. 

It also, importantly, touches on how to make an observation about a situation, and how to bring people with you through the conversation, without causing people to become defensive and shut down. It’s a real practical HOW TO for knowing and holding boundaries, reducing interpersonal tension and stress, overcoming conflict and having the difficult conversations. So it’s also a powerful management tool.

You can find out more information about this on my website here

And more about what Compassionate Communication is on various blogs I’ve written, see this one as an example.

2) Stress Reduction Masterclass for anyone in the organisation

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This is an interactive workshop on Stress-cycle Completion for Stress Reduction.  This is a 2 hour workshop, can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 people, and costs £600.

This workshop covers the difference between stressor and stress (and why this is so important), as well as explaining the need to complete stress cycles to reduce stress levels within the body, and a practical ‘how to’ element of the workshop for stress-cycle completion.

This and the Compassionate Communication Masterclass work really well together, as knowing how to identify your needs and ask for help in fulfilling them can be a crucial part of stress-cycle completion, reducing the feelings of stress, and even eliminating the stressor (the thing causing the stress).

3) Whole-Person Wellbeing Masterclass

This is a practical, take-part session, that combines a very small amount of theory and talking with predominantly practical HOW TO activities for feeling better mentally and physically. 

Covers 6 specific and different activities of self-massage, meditation and movement; 2 for musculoskeletal/physical wellbeing and 4 for mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing. 

This session is again 2 hours long, but because of the nature of the session, and the need for me to check that everyone is understanding the exercises and carrying them out properly, this session is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Cost for this session is £600.

3 x Masterclass series (as above)

PLUS 3 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions for all 20 participants (one after each Masterclass)
£8000, maximum 20 participants

Masterclass requirements

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I’d highly recommend that all participants bring something to write with and on for all of the masterclasses. 

All the masterclasses require access to equipment that will allow a PowerPoint presentation to be shared. 

The Stress Reduction and Whole-Person Wellbeing Masterclasses will require enough space for everyone to get up and move (without bumping into furniture).

Opening windows and/or working air con in the room being used is a requirement for all masterclasses.

Individuals who have physical and or mental difficulties that might prevent them from fully participating in the masterclasses should speak with me before signing up to attend. Knowing what these needs are ahead of time will allow for these needs to be accommodated and met wherever possible, so that everyone can get maximum benefit from these masterclasses.


If you’d like to book one of these masterclasses for your workplace/group, please contact Kate here or phone Kate on 07828 154238

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Ongoing support

While learning new information is great, actually embedding and embodying this knowledge to convert it into wisdom, takes time and practice. Often support with this is wanted or needed. I offer 1:1 coaching packages to continue the facilitation of this learning and enhance the benefits to the individual, and as a consequence, the wider workplace community. Coaching packages POST Masterclass attendance, start from £50 per 60 minute session (held via Zoom). More information about this can be discussed during Masterclass booking.

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