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The Nature and Nurture Coach

I am The Nature and Nurture Coach. On a practical level what that means is that if you have in-person coaching with me, it will be outdoors, usually in a woodland. It also means that my speciality is in the nature and nurture of family relationships.
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What is a Nature and Nurture Coach?

I am The Nature and Nurture Coach. On a practical level what that means is that if you have in-person coaching with me, it will be outdoors, usually in a woodland. It also means that my speciality is in the nature and nurture of family relationships.
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Why is family relationship coaching important?

Our family relationships are our most formative experiences. They are the first relationships we have, and arguable the most important, both for our immediate survival, and for shaping our character. They can shape how we socialise and interact with others on a wider scale, and they can inform what we think and believe about ourselves and our world. We are often at the mercy of the history of our family relationships. The role we played in our family as a child, and slip so easily into when we reconvene as adults. The conversations we’ve always had, giving us the relationship we’ve always got, even though our yearning is for a deeper, more intimate connection with the people we care about the most. Whether it’s the relationship with a parent, a spouse, a sibling or a child, most people have a relationship they wish was better in some way, and a deep knowing that it can be better.

How does coaching help?

There are many techniques and tools I can teach you to help improve a relationship. Most of which I have implemented myself in my own family relationships. And for some, merely learning these techniques will be what they want coaching for. For others however, these techniques won’t be news. What they need from coaching, is accountability in actioning what they already know.

Knowing is not half the battle.

Knowing is not half the battle. Through my own coaching I know this to be true. Laurie Santos also says this in her Coursera course, The Science of Wellbeing. In my last coaching session, my business coach didn’t tell me anything new. What he did was give me a reason to do the exercises; he was expecting them. And it’s this accountability to another, that got me to do the work!
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Coach as a cheerleader.

For me, where coaching really comes into its own, is in its cheerleading. When you coach with me, you get a very committed cheerleader. I will learn your vision, the goals you want to achieve, and I will steadfastly hold the belief in you and in your vision. This means that I will hold you accountable to doing what you say you want to do in order to get what you say you want to have.

Change can be tricky!

Change can be tricky. But change is what coaching is all about. If the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing but expecting a different result, then coaching really addresses this issue! 😊 Coaching is about identifying the change that needs to be made in order to have the outcome that you desire. And change really is necessary, because if what you are thinking, feeling and doing right now was working, then you’d already have what you say you want. You’d already have the connection and communication you want in your relationships. Sometimes, coaching is about identifying the thing you really want, as opposed to the thing you say/think you want. And where relationships are concerned, this can be an uncomfortable realisation.

Why a coaching speciality?

There are tenants, techniques and tools in coaching that run through every speciality. Every good coach will talk about boundaries. Every good coach will talk about communication. Every good couch will talk about the power of listening. And every good coach will demonstrate these three things. And because of this, no coach really needs to state a speciality, all coaches could, technically, coach anyone. I’ve chosen my speciality because of my personal experience and because that is where my joy lies. I believe as humans we do our best work when we are following our bliss. I know I certainly do. 😊

What is coaching?

As your coach, I help you to connect the dots within the patterns and stories of your own life so you can see the bigger picture more clearly. If you imagine we each live within a jar. None of us can clearly read from inside our jar what’s written on the outside. As a coach, I stand outside your jar, and so have the benefit of being able to clearly read the label. There are many people in your life who can fulfil this role, but it’s how, and when, the label is read and communicated back to you, that determines what you do with the information. So, choose your label readers carefully, and with discernment! This in itself can be one of the easiest ways to improve the family relationships you have. 😊
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The benefit of family relationship coaching.

As humans, we all need to feel a sense of belonging and connection to others, to be seen, heard and understood by others. How well we achieve this within our family relationships can impact hugely on how well we achieve this in the other relationships in our lives. It can also massively affect how we see and talk to ourselves. And how we see and talk to ourselves affects everything we think, feel, believe and do.

Fulfilling my parental responsibility

As a parent, I feel the responsibility of the family relationships I model and participate in as my greatest legacy to my children. Children watch, and then copy, to learn how to be human. I want to make sure my kids are watching, copying and learning the healthiest communication I know how to model, in order to have their healthiest relationships. Because, as Susan Scott says in her book ‘Fierce Conversations’, the conversation IS the relationship, and relationships thrive or die one conversation, or one missed conversation, at a time. Importantly, this isn’t about perfection. Quite often the resilience of a relationship is in the apology. As Philippa Perry states in her book ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read’, it’s not the rupture that does the damage – it’s the nature of the repair that’s everything.

Work with me now

So, whilst surrounded and connecting to the ancient wisdom of inter-dependency that nature teaches us, our sessions will help you strengthen your internal dialogue and relationship.

From this stable base, you will begin to experience more open communication, and better connection, in the relationships in your life.

One off, and package, Nature and Nurture coaching sessions available now. For more information or to book, please get in contact

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