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The Growth Zone

Photo of how room is set up for Coaching in Schools

What is the Growth Zone?

The Growth Zone is a 6 week programme. 30 minute classes are held once a week during school time. 

A group of 8 children progress through the programme, learning more about their thought-emotion-behaviour patterns through interactive fun exercises and meditation. 

The aim of the programme is to equip children with some extra tools, techniques, knowledge and self awareness to help them choose to live their best lives ever!

No one is too young to believe in themselves and their own abilities. This belief is the basis for resilience and lays the foundation for a life time of good mental and physical wellbeing

What will the children gain from this programme?

Every child will take something different from the classes. 

The programme aims to teach techniques and skills for interrupting unhelpful thoughts in order to change emotional and behavioural outcomes.

The skills range from learning about and understanding their own thoughts, and feeling their emotions, to practical tips and tricks to help move out of unwanted thoughts and emotional spaces.

During the programme, the children will take home small tasks aimed at supporting this learning between the classes.

What topics will be covered in the programme?

Each session comprises of a meditation and a wellbeing learning.

Wellbeing topics covered include gratitude, feelings, needs, appreciation, staying present, breathing exercises, positive self talk and thought/pattern interrupters.

The price of this package is currently £480 

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