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Seated Acupressure

What is Seated Acupressure?

Seated Acupressure is a pressure point massage, performed fully clothed, and in a specialised massage chair.

This massage takes in the entire back, really targeting the shoulders and upper back, making it perfect for those who spend much of their time working at desks, driving or lifting.

Why would I choose Seated Acupressure as a treatment?

The 20 minute appointment allows time for the recipient to step away from their daily activity, stop, rest, breathe and just be.

Meanwhile, the massage is working on areas of tightness and restriction, so that recipients leave feeling lighter, freer, more spacious, often with a greater range of motion, and reduced pain.

And as the massage encourages the sympathetic nervous system to quieten, and the parasympathetic nervous system to become more active, you’re likely to float away from this massage feeling calmer and more relaxed than you arrived.

The effects of massage are cumulative, increasing over time. For this reason, those who receive massage regularly, reap greater benefits.

How does this treatment benefit my organisation?

A break for a Seated Acupressure treatment during the day helps to reset the nervous system, gives space and time for clarity and a renewed vigour for problem solving, as well as a greater willingness to communicate and connect with work colleagues.

All of which means that work participation and productivity, as well as individual physical and mental wellbeing, increase post massage.

In a society that seems to think burnout is a badge of honour, it might seem a radical step to offer your employees a total break for physical and mental wellbeing during the day. And yet, humans need rest in order to be physically and mentally well, in order to perform at their greatest potential, in order to enjoy their life.

If you’re looking to radically change your company culture to one that really puts the wellbeing of their staff front and centre, then actively encouraging rest is a vital step. Seated Acupressure is a very enjoyable, and beneficial, way to practically do just that.

How does my organisation measure the impact of this holistic therapy?

I know that turning qualitative experiences into quantitative data is important for organisations looking to objectively ‘prove’ the benefit of massage in the workplace.

For this reason, all my workplace massage packages come with anonymous numerical feedback as standard.

This feedback is derived from the massage recipients’ anonymous pre and post massage questionnaire answers.

See table below for an example of the feedback sent to a business recently following their regular monthly massage session.

What are the practicalities?

The organisation provides the room the massages will take place in, and communicates the timetable and contraindicators to massage, as provided by Kate, to their employees.

The organization then compiles the completed timetable (name of employee next to time slot), which they communicate with Kate and their employees.

This is all done ahead of the massage session day.

On the day, Kate will arrive at 9.30am to set up, ready to begin the first massage at 10am. The final massage finishes at 2pm, and Kate will have left the building by 2.30pm. There will be a maximum of 11 massages given in this timeframe.

It is up to the employee to be at the room in time for their massage.

Kate will compile the pre and post massage questionnaire answers to provide the statistical analysis of the impact of these sessions post session, and email the results to the organisation within 2 weeks of the session.

Kate is fully DBS checked, holds qualifications and full insurance for the treatments she offers, and is a registered member of the CNHC.

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How much does this service cost?

For organisations that wish to commit to their staff wellbeing, and are therefore prepared to commit to one 4 hour session (11 massages) at least once a month for 12 months, each session costs £300. This includes the provision of all equipment and the statistical anonymous feedback emailed within 2 weeks of the session.

For organisations wishing to include this service as a one off, perhaps as part of a reward and recognition day, the cost of one 4 hour session (11 massages) is £444. This includes the provision of all equipment and the statistical anonymous feedback emailed within 2 weeks of the session.


To enquire about booking, please email or phone Kate on 07828154238.

close up of Kate giving seated acupressure to clients shoulder

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