Grounding Breath Meditation

This is a guided physical meditation with a focus on deep, intentional, balancing breaths. The session concludes with a guided imagery meditation. 



Grounding Breath Meditation



Meditation is all about getting present in the now; physically and mentally. 

It’s not about stopping thoughts or switching them off, it’s instead about noticing and allowing the thoughts and sensations as they arise. 

What we resist persists, and meditation helps us to practise allowing and releasing through raised awareness – a skill that benefits our lives massively outside of our meditation practise time.  

This video starts off with some deeper, intentional and controlled breathing practises before moving into a more traditional guided meditation.  

 This meditation was recorded in 2020, and so references to the pandemic and lockdown may occur.  

All materials, ideas and words included in the videos remain the intellectual property of Katharine Brown of Calm at Home and Calm at Work. Nothing therein is to be copied, replicated or shared without the express written permission of Katharine Brown. 


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