Compassionate Communication Course

This is a 4 day video course that gives you an introduction to Compassionate Communication, explains the 4 parts of the NVC OFNR statement, and sets the benefits of Compassionate Communication within the wider contexts of boundaries, inter-dependence, self-care and wellbeing.


Compassionate Communication Course


This Compassionate Communication Course is a 4 day course delivered via pre-recorded videos and accompanying PDF.

The course is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their relationships; be that with family, work colleagues or strangers.

This course also teaches radical self-responsibility and asks you to improve the internal relationship you have with yourself.

This course helps you to look at your internal stories and beliefs, becoming aware of this unconscious programming. Awareness is the key to empowerment and change, so this course gives you the skills to be able to choose how you respond to life situations.

As the lessons progress, you will be taught what boundaries are and how and why to uphold them, how to practise radical self-responsibility and you’ll be given tools to practise effective self-care and wellbeing.

This is a course for anyone wishing to have more effective and compassionate communication, in which every conversation enhances life for all involved.


All materials, ideas and words included in the videos remain the intellectual property of Katharine Brown of Calm at Home and Calm at Work. Nothing therein is to be copied, replicated or shared without the express written permission of Katharine Brown.

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