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New beginnings

It might seem really strange to be writing about new beginnings now, in August. But I bet I’m not alone in feeling the call to look at my life and make some plans now.

As September rolls around in England, schools return and kids start their new school year.

Maybe it’s the childhood memory of this September new beginning.

Or maybe it’s because I have kids in the school system so this is still a relevant thing for me.
Whichever it is, the onset of Autumn, whilst undoubtably being about harvesting the bounty of the year thus far and shedding what’s no longer needed, is also, for me, about starting new things.

Maybe it’s the shedding of that which is no longer needed that makes room for the new.

Or maybe it’s a cellular remembered idea of the collecting and planting of seeds now for next year’s harvest, but September is always the time I get the itch to look at my life and reassess where I am, and where I’d like to be.

It’s always the time of year I look for new things to learn, classes and clubs to join, commitment (or recommitment) to ways of being (be that exercise, diet, thinking, being or doing).

It’s the time I look at the organization of my life, and make strides to improve it’s organization!

As the new uniform is bought and labelled, it makes sense that the old uniform is bagged up and given away.

As the long summer nights become a memory, the temperature drops, the leaves change colour and the wheel of the year turning makes itself felt, in me stirs the desire to match this external environmental change within my own life.

And here, in September, I feel an energy utterly lacking in January.

family group in the distance as they walk along path in the woods

New Year in January has never resonated with me, it’s never made sense. Deep in the heart of winter, cold, tired and low energy is not, for me, my natural time of new beginnings.

But September, following the bountiful fruits, warm weather, longer days and holiday rest, I feel topped up, and with the energy reserves to start something new, meet new friends, engage in community, expand my horizons.

So with that in mind, I have some very exciting Autumnal offerings, just for you. 😊

6 Week Woodland Meditation Course

This is guided meditation, outside, in woodland.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never meditated before, or if you’re a seasoned meditator, if you’ve a beginner’s mindset, and want to try something a bit different, this 6 week course is for you!

Each week will involve a different type of meditation.

We’ll cover breathing, moving, chanting, visualization and guided meditation.

And, of course, each session will also involve a healthy dose of Forest Bathing. After all, that’s why we’re out in the woodland doing this course, and not in a box of a room somewhere!

Freedom, and a sense to really connect with the natural world around us. Embrace the natural environment, and allow our internal environments to sync up and connect in with that.

This course will change the way you think of meditation AND the woodland.

Afterall, nature isn’t something that’s separate and ‘out there’. You ARE nature, and once you’ve recalibrated to that, your life will change in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

And incase all of that isn’t enough, take 20% off the ticket price with code ME20 before 31st August! 😊

For more details, and tickets follow the Eventbrite link here

Autumn Forest Bathing Experience

This is a 2 hour totally immersive forest bathing experience.

Whether you’ve joined me in a previous forest bathing experience or not. Whether you joined me in the 6 week woodland meditation course or not. These 2 hours will be a magical re-remembering of who you really are; LOVE <3

Through ceremony, circle, gratitude, song, meditation and forest bathing, you will experience the woodland in a way never experienced before. Because this moment has never been before, and will never be again. And presence in this moment is a once in a lifetime gift.

For a complete reset before the school half term begins, gift yourself two hours just to be. Be with yourself, the woodland and in community, connected to all through the energy web of life.

For more details and tickets, please follow this eventbrite link here.
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Get Yourself Together (GYST) Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered what the hype is with personal development, or what exactly the point of life coaching is, THIS IS FOR YOU! This challenge, run by the people who I trained as a life coach with, is run over 7 days and includes:

  • 5 1.5 hour personal development masterclasses (these are recorded live and sent out via email afterwards for rewatching/catchup, so if you can’t make it live, it’s not a problem).
  • 3 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with your own personal coach (me!).
  • A hugely supportive and high vibe Facebook community to support and celebrate you through the week (doing this kind of work in community and with support is FAAAAARRRRR more effective than going it alone!).
  • A messenger group with the other people coaching with me for a more intimate and supportive group experience.

Kit and Rosie pack this week with real, life changing teachings, and the private 1:1 coaching is something most other challenges just don’t involve.

So, if you fancy all of this for the tiny investment of just $29 (which is about £21), follow this link 

Don’t forget to put my name as your referrer to guarantee that I’m your coach 😊

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6 month massage packages

Kate from Calm at home giving back massage

A one off, once in a blue moon massage is lovely.

So how do you think your body would feel if you gifted yourself an hour a month, every month, for at least 6 months, to experience the cumulative effect of a massage?

I’ll tell you; wonderful!

Like a new person – with longer arms! (actual words out of the mouth of a client, post massage!)

How would greater range of movement in your hips, shoulders, neck and ankles feel?

What about softer and more supple fascia?

Who’d take a reduction in chronic pain, and a resetting of your pain levels so that you’re aware of when your body’s in pain, and can respond immediately and appropriately?

What about greater body confidence and body love?

Who needs to get more balance with their sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems? Not sure? 

Well, does a better night’s sleep sound like something you could do with?

Feeling calmer and more relaxed sound good?

Reduced physical and mental tension grab you as a good idea?

Yep, massage can help with all of that.

So, perhaps as part of your September new start life evaluation, you’ve decided selfcare is where you’d like to focus your attention. And perhaps massage is calling to you as one way to do this. If so, get in touch today and we can discuss your 6 month massage package.

6 week coaching package

I offer intuitive life coaching, in person, in woodland.

I also offer it over Zoom.

Coaching is a collaboration in which I help you unlock the answers you already possess.

You are already complete and whole, with all the knowledge you will ever need to make the changes in your life that you want.

But sometimes we can get stuck.

Sometimes that stuckness is in the way we’re viewing our world.

Sometimes it’s in our habits and stories.

Sometimes it’s in our fears and traumas.

Sometimes it’s in our environments.

Through sharing with me that which is most relevant to you in that moment, we work together to better understand where you’re at and where you’d like to be.

I ask questions so that both of us increase our understanding of what’s going on for you, right now.

And we make practical plans to help move you forward to where you’d like to be.

Coaching in person, walking in woodland, adds a practical somatic element to our coaching sessions.

The body always knows the truth, and often before the conscious mind.

So, by activating our bodies through the most natural movement of walking, integrating the wisdom of the body with the mind, great things can be achieved.

When we work as a whole, bringing and loving all of ourselves to a situation, better solutions are more quickly achieved.

And why woodland? I’ve written extensively about the benefits of being in woodland in previous blogs – go check them out! 😊 When we add the magical effects of nature to somatic intuitive coaching, change is rapid, gentle and long lasting.

If your September life assessment is showing you the changes you’d like to make, and you’d like support with that, get in contact and we can discuss your 6 week coaching package.

I wish you the most exciting September new start, and look forward to working and connecting with you soon.

Much love,


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