Meet your Massage Therapist and Meditation Leader

Kate Brown


Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m the main massage therapist at, and founder of, Calm at Work and Calm at Home. I passionately believe in the benefit of massage, not just for the individual who receives the treatment, but for those who then interact with that individual. I believe my contribution to workplace and home well being is with human connection, counterbalancing the increased digitalisation of our lives. The strong connection between the mind and body, and the impact of mental health, are becoming more widely acknowledged, and the importance of maintaining human touch in an increasingly mechanised world should not be underestimated in helping to keep us functioning well as humans.


Why Massage Therapy?

It’s the physical human connection that, by necessity, massage requires, that so powerfully and quickly breaks down physical and psychological barriers. This allows the individual to leave the treatment room empowered to meaningfully interact with other humans.

Engagement in the workplace, and at home, increases as a consequence. I passionately believe people need meaningful human interaction on a daily basis to be happy humans with good mental health and general wellbeing. And I believe those that do well at work are also doing well at being human – one can’t happen without the other for a sustained period of time.


The benefits of massage in the workplace.

In the workplace I see what I offer as bringing more than just physical and mental benefit for the individual. It ripples out to the entire office, and can sow the seed of long term better human connections within the office, which will lead to happier, healthier and ultimately more productive staff. The same is true within the home and family environment. Conversation and connection beats misunderstanding and frustration any day!


Make time for well-ness!

On a personal mental and physical level, I believe we either make time for well-ness or we’re forced to make time for ill-ness. Making time for wellness beats having to recover from illness any day, and is so much more enjoyable too.  So make yourself, and your wellbeing, a priority. Prevention is always better than cure.



With a previous work background in both formal and informal education ranging from birth to adults, I’m committed to helping others and believe firmly in the value of what others can teach me. My personal educational background and lifelong concern for the environment, means I use only vegan friendly products and equipment, and where ever possible these are locally sourced, or with a carbon neutral footprint.


Formal Qualifications

Level 3 Award in Swedish Body Massage, Practitioners Diploma in Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage, Practitioners Diploma in Pregnancy Massage, Practitioners Diploma in Indian Head Massage, RASA Practitioners Diploma in Reiki and Seichem Healing Parts 1 and 2 and The Violet Flame, Practitioners Diploma in Seated Acupressure On Site Massage, AromaTouch Practitioner Training Certificate, Teachers Diploma Certificate in Meditation Tuition,  Lilia’s Beauty School Pamper Workshop Certificate, British Red Cross First Aid at Work Certificate, BSC Ecology (Hons) 2.1.


Professional bodies

Kate is a professional member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


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