Calming and reconnecting mind, body and spirit

What is meditation?

Meditation is the process of calming and reconnecting mind, body and spirit (emotions).

This is usually done by gently focusing the attention on a specific thing – breath, movement, story/imagery, mantra, visualisation.

Meditation can be done lying down, seated, standing or moving and has proven effects on the brain’s structure, which have practical implications for our learning, concentration, aging, thoughts, emotions and quality of life.

Kind words from clients

Kate's meditation classes and online meditations are so calming and helpful. They are short enough so as to realistically fit into my day but long enough that they instil a real sense of peace and well-being. I would recommend them to anyone needing to slow the pace of their mind.
Helen C
Kate provides a wonderful service through Calm at Home. I hadn’t met Kate before but she had been recommended by a friend. .......Her diligence to ensuring my expectations were met and that my health & well-being was at the centre of this service was invaluable. My first appointment was excellent - my shoulders that had been causing me some problems for quite a while were unknotted and soothed. I was so impressed that I booked another appointment straight away
Salima J
Had a coaching session with Kate and she was really helpful. Very professional and personable. Managed to unpick things I didn't even realise needed unpicking!! Would deinitely recommend her. Thank you Kate!
Kate P

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