Indian Head Massage

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What is Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an extremely effective therapy.  It has evolved from traditional techniques practised in India, as part of family rituals, for over a thousand years.  More recently it has started to gain popularity in the West.

This treatment involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp.


What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

As with all massage, Indian Head Massage helps to improve the efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  This helps with toxin removal and an increase in the oxygen and nutrients available to the cells.

Breaking down of muscular fibrous adhesions and nodules (knots) helps with toxin removal and increased flexibility and movement.

The areas targeted in an Indian head Massage are often where people carry their stress (particularly neck and shoulders).  This treatment brings relief to these areas specifically.

Indian Head Massage can also be beneficial to those who suffer from headaches and migraine, as it helps release tension in the scalp and neck muscles.

This treatment has a meditative quality to it, leaving the client feeling mentally, as well as physically, calm and relaxed.


How is the treatment delivered?

Indian Head Massage is performed with the client seated upright in an armless chair.

The client exposes their upper back, shoulders and arms, by wrapping a towel around themselves.  Massage to the upper back, neck and arms is performed using Fractionated Coconut Oil.

If this treatment is required in a more public space, like the workplace, it can be done without oil and with the client fully dressed.


Who is this treatment for?

Indian Head Massage is great for everyone, but specifically those who spend a lot of time at desks or computers.

Perfect for those who carry their stress in their neck and shoulders, and for those prone to headaches.

The facial acupressure part of the treatment is also great for those with sinus issues, congestion and aching jaws.


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