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As a one woman organisation, I am aware that there is a limit to the impact I can have on the world through Calm at Home and Calm at Work. And so, over the past couple of years, I have been collaborating with others who share similar and complimentary values and aims to me.

What we all have in common is a desire to make the world, and each individual’s experience of it, more life enhancing.

We do this by helping people improve the relationships they have with themselves and each other through deeper understanding leading to greater connection.

Calm in Nature Retreat Days

Helen Calvert and I have been collaborating to bring Calm in Nature Retreat Days to the corporate world and the individual.

Together we create a day that’s all about stopping, pausing, and evaluating where you are and what you really want. Once you know what you want, it is SO much easier to achieve it!

These days always start with a morning of outdoor nature connection. We pick locations to host these retreat days that have woodland near by so that forest bathing, guided woodland wanders, outdoor meditation and transient nature art can all be facilitated, as is appropriate for each groups’ needs.

The afternoon always involves an element of group discussion and individual reflection, often facilitated through an art related activity. We also use journalling and coaching questions to help individuals to connect deeply with their own truth.

These days are about remembering who we really are – a human, who can experience a life of joy, laughter, fun and freedom if only we give ourselves the time to do so.

These days are perfect for small corporates, or teams within larger corporate organisations who are looking for a way to build team identity and cohesion.

They are also perfect for the individual who knows they want some more calm, clarity and joy in their lives.

Our next Calm in Nature Retreat Day open to all is Thursday 21st March 2024. You can find out more information and book your ticket here.

For more information about Calm in Nature Retreat Days, or to book one for your organisation, please get in touch.

Serious Wellbeing Team

Sara Kay, Jo Taylor, Dr Gill McGarry, Sam Flynn, Julie Silver and I have joined forces to create the Serious Wellbeing Team, offering organisations far more wellbeing related content than any of us could provide individually.

Our aim is to provide holistic wellbeing events in a fun and realistic way to enable employees to thrive.

More information can be found on our YouTube Channel and through our brochure.

For more information about the Serious Wellbeing Team, or to book us, please get in contact.

The Conflict Positive Workplace

Michelle Morgan and I have been working together to create and deliver The Conflict Positive Workplace, a 6 month + package of training and support in Restorative Practices.

Our aim is to help cultivate workplaces where conflict is a catalyst for connection.

We want to help people address and resolve problems at work so that relationships deepen and strengthen.

The Restorative Practice Techniques that we teach allow people to have open and honest communication of their experiences and truths. Through this process, people get to understand each other better, and this is how relationships are deepened and strengthened.

And as 50% of all work related illness is due to work related stress, anxiety and depression, with a significant amount of that directly caused by the work people do, and the relationships they have with their colleagues, improving workplace relationships is one very effective way to reduce work related stress, anxiety and depression. The knock on effect is a healthier and happier workforce, and a reduction in staff turnover.

More information about The Conflict Positive Workplace Training and Support package can be found here.

To take the process further, and enquire about this training for your workplace, please get in contact.

Caroline Kelf, aka DJ Flourish, a women’s empowerment DJ, hosts twice yearly Self-Love Sober Raves, and has assembled a team around her to help deliver these.

I’m one of the 2 holistic therapists on the team who provide Seated Acupressure Massage at the raves.

The next rave will be in October 2024. Keep a look out in May 2024 for the release of the venue details and tickets, or get on the wait list now, as tickets sell out fast! 

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April 2024, Helen Calvert is hosting Happier Life Live and I will be there both days as an exhibitor.

A few tickets are still available, so follow this link to book

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