Exhausted ill woman lying on sofa and covering her eyes with a pink blanket

The lessons of pain

I’ve recently had another, very intimate, and (as always with pain) unwanted experience with pain. In fact, I’m still in the middle of it, writing

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The power and importance of touch

As humans, we are social beings, and we communicate far more than you might think through touch. Our skin is our largest organ, and is highly innervated. This means we have very sensitive skin, and through touch we learn and communicate a lot about ourselves and our environment.

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What is Compassionate Communication?

A heart-centred way of communicating in which the aim is to enhance life for everyone. Connection, belonging. As the aim is to get everyone’s needs met, it also teaches us how to have and maintain healthy boundaries, and to become unattached to the ‘how’

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face and hands massage photo


A healing modality that works with the seven main chakras of the body. The aim of Reiki is to balance the body’s energy by helping to remove energy blocks. This helps strengthen the aura – the protective energy field around a person.

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