Calm at Work

Workplace therapies for employers who value their employees

Help retain your talent, decrease stress and increase productivity by providing massage for your employees at work. Whether part of rest and recuperation, reward and recognition, or an embedded offer of your weekly or monthly wellbeing package, your employees will greatly benefit from their workplace therapy.


Happy, healthy employees

We see, on a daily basis, the benefits massage has for our clients, but realise that for most, finding the time to fit in such a well needed treatment is difficult. We work with forward thinking employers who value the mental and physical well being of their employees, not just because it makes good business sense, as people are the greatest asset any business has, but because the world needs a healthy humanity.

Our philosophy is prevention is better than cure, and with the number of sick days taken through work place stress and postural problems rising, we’re discovering that employers are in agreement!

So for happy, healthy employees, who feel valued and cared for by their employers, workplace holistic therapy, provided by the employer, during the working day, is the answer.

How it works

You provide the room, we provide the therapy.

For maximum results we recommend treatment times of 30 minutes for each employee (1 hr for Holistic Hypnosis and Reiki).  However we understand that each company will require their own bespoke package depending on the number of employees they wish to be treated within the time frame, and we are happy to discuss this with you.

Price depends on the number of therapists, hours of work, treatments required and frequency of booking. Take a look at our Therapies Menu to see which treatments will work for you and your employees.



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