Calm at Work

Workplace therapies for employers who value their employees

How it works

You provide the room, we provide the therapy.

For maximum results we recommend treatment times of 20-30 minutes for each employee.

We understand that each company will require their own bespoke package depending on the number of employees they wish to be treated within the time frame, and we are happy to discuss this with you.

Price depends on the number of therapists, hours of work, treatments required and frequency of booking. Take a look at our list of treatments to see which will work for you and your employees.

Massage chair

Therapy Menu

Seated Acupressure/Onsite Massage

This massage is given to the whole back, arms and head, over clothing, with the client seated in a specialist massage chair provided by the therapist. No products are used.
Helps relieve neck and back tension whilst improving circulation.
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Indian Head Massage

This massage is given over clothing to the shoulders, head and face, with the client seated in an armless chair. No products are used, but hair is ‘messed up’.
Helps relieve tension headaches
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AromaTouch Hand

This is a pressure point technique performed on the palm. The technique uses a single drop of essential oil chosen by the client from a selection brought by the therapist.

Stimulates the senses
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Guided Meditation

This meditation enables the client to go deep within themselves using breathing techniques and a followed script  to find peace and relaxation. Available on a group basis.

Helps to calm the mind
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1-2-1 and group coaching

Coaching based on the Compassionate Communication model, helping clients to deeply connect with their feelings and needs. Improves connection, direct and honest communication and understanding relationships.

Increases individual’s feelings and needs literacy and communication.

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